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Video Vantage is the latest, greatest and ultimate all in one solution from Devin Zander to get your videos ranking in the top spots. Or is it?

On this page you’re going to learn my experience and results when I put this product to the test. The team at were cool enough to give me a test drive copy before the product went live so that I can give a full no-nonsense review of whether it works and whether it’s worth your money or not.

I’ve been doing SEO for a long time and have fantastic results ranking websites, but I’ve never put much time into learning how to rank videos. For this reason, Video Vantage sounds very appealing to me, as it does to many people.

Is Video Vantage as good as it claims to be? Stay tuned to find out:


Here’s a run-through of what the product is all about:

Even Alex Becker has nothing but positive things to say about Devin.

video vantage review alex becker

Video Vantage is launching on 17 February 2014. I hope you’re ready for it because it is going to change the way you do video marketing forever. And it might even make you some serious money in the process.

I’ve tested the beta version and it really is awesome. It’ll take you about 2 hours to learn how to use, and after that ranking videos really becomes super easy. I’ve secured an early bird’s launch price of just $47, so hopefully if you click the button below you’ll be able to get it at that price because it’s likely going to go up after every x amount of sales.

What are you waiting for??? This is Christmas coming early.You’ll be able to rank dozens of YT videos for yourself AND your clients by this time next week. Click the big green button below, right now!

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